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Public Commitment to provide the best customer service of all technology companies

On Oct 30th, 2009 Ignify made a commitment to become the best technology customer service company in the world. We've dealt with other technology companies and know how complicated and frustrating it can be to get simple things answered. While we think Ignify is better than the vast majority, we realize that in some respects Ignify may not be very different today. However, we are making a public commitment to change that and provide by far the best customer service that any technology company provides. This blog is one step in that direction. We identified several more that we will begin to roll out very soon. We have listed these at the end of this blog post.

At this time, these include the following initiatives that will be rolled out in the next 180 days. These are things we will work into every day  that we work at Ignify. But this is just the start and we hope to strengthen that as we go along. We look to our customers to help us get there.

Thank you! 

Sandeep Walia


Our initial set of initiatives to becoming the best technology company in terms of customer service

  • Make every customer experience a positive one for them.
  • Always keep in mind 'The customer pays my check'
  • When unsure – lean towards the customer
  • A published Customer Bill of Rights – sent to every customer
  • A 365 day refund policy on Ignify software
  • A phone number that a customer can reach a human being at Ignify any time of the day. That phone number on every page of the website
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