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General Ledger details in MS Dynamics AX 2009

Finance user would like to see both the Account and Offset accounts against each Ledger Voucher in one report. The main financial reports that were available in earlier versions of AX do not show the offset account information against each Voucher. Dynamics AX 2009 with the GLS layer has this new feature in the form of Inquiries and also Report.

I've documented how you can do this. First you need a few pre-requisites to be set up for this feature to work. The first one is the financial period.

General Ledger > Setup > Periods > Periods

Setup Period names for each period. Example in below screenshot.


General Ledger > Inquiries > Detail Ledger

Select Ledger accounts and Period names.

Detail ledger form shows all the details of each Voucher against selected ledger account in the selected period name.


If you want to view the offset account against each Voucher, you can do it by selecting the record and clicking on Offset account button. If you want to view all the details against each ledger account selected above click on Print.


Select TW213 in Print layout code and run the report. Report is generated with required information. This report can be extracted into a txt file and excel thereafter.


This post is written by Madhubabu Rapolu. Madhubabu is a Business Analyst in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Practice at Ignify . Ignify is a Global Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle Partner specializing in Dynamics AX for Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing and Chemicals verticals. For help on Microsoft Dynamics ERP email us at dynamics@ignify.com

  1. Kumar
    January 8th, 2010 at 21:32 | #1

    I tried to stimulate in my VPC, i could not findout the following
    1. Period Name in GL Periods
    2. General Ledger > Inquiries > Detail Ledger
    What setup missed in my VPC. or this any country specific.
    Confirm details please

  2. sneha
    January 19th, 2010 at 12:51 | #2

    I too could not find the period name in GL periods. is it something customized or am I missing some setup.

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