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How does Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Portal compare against Ignify eCommerce?

One of our team members asked this question to me yesterday and I thought it was interesting enough to write about. The context is a solution for the requirement of an eCommerce web portal. I’ve done a comparison of the two below and this would be a good read for any Dynamics AX customer looking at Enterprise Portal for meeting their eCommerce needs. I’ve listed down the features that an eCommerce site requires and listed how both Enterprise Portal and Ignify eCommerce stack up. We sell both solutions and I believe there is a fundamental difference. Enterprise Portal is a great Intranet and an Extranet but not an eCommerce Engine. It is ideal if you need customers to view information and make minor edits. It is not a solution that is built to take on a high order volume and provide configurability and flexibility to make for a sleek website. This table below will show why.  

Web e-commerce Requirements
Ignify eCommerce
Enterprise Portal
Product Catalog for Customers to view publicly without login    
Product Catalog for Customers to view with login    
Customers get pricing specific to them based on Price List/ Price Level assigned to them.    
Advanced Search capabilities to find items with multiple parameters    
Auto-fill type capabilities to help customers get to the right items    
Search Engine Optimized Web site links and Page URLs    
Search Engine Optimized Alternate Image descriptions    
 Multi-level category in the Catalog    
Customers can have multiple logins for a single customer account    
Customers can view and update their address book    
Customers can maintain a credit card wallet or manage their payment methods    
Customer information is stored in a PCI compliant manner    
Customers can request a credit line increase    
Customers can view Sales Orders    
Customers can place orders without a login e.g. B2C customers    
Customers can place basic orders with a login    
New Customers can request a login and go through an approval process if required    
Orders can be configured based on business rules    
Ability to have coupons and promotions on orders that can be applied with a coupon or promotion code    
Customers can request a return on an order    
RMA number automatically provided based on whether the item qualifies for a return based on parameters such as the order date    
Customers can make online payments for an order at the time of submitting an order    
Customers can view invoices and open balances    
Customers can make payments for an open invoice

  An important point is that Enterprise Portal will just not support a B2C site as it is built for working with a login as opposed to also being a site that requires an anonymous login. If you were even a business to business site and you need customers to login to place an order you may still be challenged by Enterprise Portal. For example most B2B sites will expose their catalog publicly with list or retail pricing without any order entry capability but will need a login to see pricing specific to the customer. Even that scenario is not supported by Enterprise Portal. Clearly Enterprise Portal is not an eCommerce platform though there is some light functionality in there that allows it to be used as a very unsophisticated order entry tool if required. However, I’ve not seen any customer do that successfully. In fact several of our customers who moved to Ignify ecommerce are those that tried Enterprise Portal and realized it will not do a good job for them and needed to move to a real eCommerce platform. If you have any questions on this topic please email our ecommerce information team at ecommerce@ignify.com and we'd be happy to provide detailed answers. Sandeep Walia is the Chief Executive Officer at Ignify. Ignify eCommerce is the only PCI certified eCommerce solution in the market that integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Sage ERP solutions. Ignify has been included as the fastest growing business in North America for 3 years in a row by Deloitte, Inc Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Ignify was ranked in the Red Herring 100 finalists for 2010 – this list represents the top businesses in North America with disruptive and innovative technology.

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