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Tips to Increase Revenue through Enhanced Usability of your Web Store

In an earlier blog, I talked about % conversion rate for your ecommerce site, which is a function of two things:

  1. How easy is it to buy from your site?
  2. How attractive are the products, pricing, and promotions so that the end customer makes an actual purchase?

If you can double your site conversion rate, you can greatly increase your revenue. To do this, it's time you take a closer look into your site and your shopper's experience. Here are six tips to enhance your customer usability and conversion on your ecommerce site:

  1. Make support and Live Chat readily available. A great new way to help your customers and make sure they don't get frustrated with the buying process is to include Live Chat on your site. Live chat representatives can actually see your customer's screen in order to help them through the process.
  2. Provide multiple ways of payment. The last thing you want is for your shoppers to choose what they want, get to the checkout process and not be able to complete the order. PayPal and Google Checkout are an important option to have for your shoppers these days as well as different credit card options. These are not just payment options. Both PayPal and Google Checkout allow your customers to checkout without providing you with personal information and increase their comfort level to complete the transaction. For smaller merchants (i.e. anyone with less than $50 million in online revenues) this is important. While customers may be very comfortable creating a login account with all their personal information on an Amazon.com they are less likely to be comfortable to do this with XYZ Merchant who they do not know.
  3. Right amount of categories for your products. It's important to properly categorize your products so that they are all easy to find on your site. Too many can frustrate your shoppers and turn them away. Too few may not keep their attention as long as you would like. Also most advanced eCommerce products like Ignify eCommerce support the ability to have an item in multiple categories. For example a flashlight could be under flashlights but also under hiking equipment. This multi-categorization is important as it ensures you can hit different audiences.
  4. Make your site personable. For example, our ecommerce sites are built for personalization. Every customer has their own personal shopper! The store can make recommendations for specific customers through seeing what they've bought before or have browsed in the past. This is a great way to use customer behavior to your benefit, by putting relatable products in front of them.
  5. Use Videos and Articles. Strategically market and manage your products. For example, have videos showing the product in use on your product pages. The more information you put on you put the highest your conversion can be. Similarly on your content pages where you have articles/videos cross-embed relevant articles.
  6. Remember the Goal – Checkout. Ensure you are monitoring the checkout click-through. Ignify eCommerce provides this with a pre-built funnel integrated with Google Analytics that shows step by step where customers are dropping off in the checkout stage. For example, at one of our customers we noticed a 35% abandonment on the shipping page – a 5% reduction in shipping rates and a free ground shipping offer increased conversion by over 25% for this customer. Also to support the check out goal ensure the 'goal actions' are more easily visible than others. For example on the cart page 'Checkout now' should be a much bigger and more visible button than say 'Update Cart' or 'Browse Store.' If they are on the cart page you have one goal to complete checkout.

For more information and tips email us at ecommerce@ignify.com

Sandeep Walia is the Chief Executive Officer at Ignify. Ignify eCommerce is the only PCI certified eCommerce solution in the market that integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Sage ERP solutions. Ignify has been included as the fastest growing business in North America for four years in a row by Deloitte, Inc Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Ignify was ranked in the Red Herring 100 finalists for 2010 – this list represents the top businesses in North America with disruptive and innovative technology.

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