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Ignify takes JWC Environmental Live on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ignify, two-time winner of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award, is proud to announce the go-live of client JWC Environmental on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

JWC Environmental invented the first dual-shafted waste grinder and eventually named it the Muffin Monster®. Today, JWCE has shipped over 35,000 Monsters worldwide and manufactures over 200 different versions of grinders and screens for waste processing, recycling, sewage treatment and sludge processing. Over the last four decades, the company has built extensive distributor and representative networks in the industry, distributing products through a global network of 50 international distributors and 40 American representative firms.

Samples of JWCE’s high-tech waste processing machinery include:

Committed to providing leading technologies, services and value to customers, JWCE needed a system that could more effectively organize the company’s sales and customer service data. Prior to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company did not use a formal customer relationship management system, saving records of leads and opportunities on paper and in Microsoft Access databases. Maintaining these isolated pockets of information led to problems such as lack of collaboration, duplicate information records, and ineffective tracking of follow-up sales activities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves sales pipeline visibility for the company and enables executives to manage the sales funnel proactively. For example, salespeople and managers are able to view anticipated revenue (revenue that is in the pipeline) that would be generated from opportunities, as well as view the revenue that is expected from opportunities for an individual salesperson, group of salespeople, or a territory. Workflows also automate routine tasks like forecasting and opportunity tracking, and maintain customer history and sales activity.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM providing a single, centralized view of the business, JWC Environmental is able to gain deeper insight into sales performance. And with that enhance understanding, JWC Environmental can more quickly design and implement shredder and screen solutions for their customers.

Congratulations to the teams at JWC Environmental and Ignify for making this go-live successful!

Ashley Harbaugh is a Product Marketing Specialist at Ignify. Ignify is a technology provider of CRM, eCommerce and ERP, software solutions to businesses and public sector organizations. Ignify has been included as the fastest growing business in North America for 5 years in a row by Deloitte, Inc Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine and ranked as one of 100 most innovative companies in the world in the Red Herring Global 100 in 2011.

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