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Creating Outlook Appointment and Tasks From Dynamics AX

February 13th, 2010 Sukrut Parab No comments

In one of my recent projects, I came across a requirement to create Microsoft Outlook meeting requests and tasks in the Dynamics AX CRM module. In Microsoft Dynamics AX we can create outlook meeting request, tasks, distribution list, journal entry etc. by using the COM interface class, and the MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) and its properties.

The requirement was to create meeting /tasks in Microsoft Outlook and the appropriate Meeting/Appointment/Task should be created in Dynamics AX for the appropriate Activity type (Task, Appointment etc.).

Below is the activity screen in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP. 1

The meeting request gets created with email id of user in the responsible fields of the activity form with some data in the same form as message body.



The business benefit to the user is that their Outlook and Dynamics AX activities are completely synchronized. In addition, a template can be created with data from fields from Dynamics AX. For example, here an appointment is automatically created for a sales person when a lead is assigned to him to in Dynamics AX. The appointment has relevant data about the lead / prospect name, customer number or any other details such as a sales quotation or order number. Here is an example of Outlook appointment created  automatically from Dynamics AX


Similarly we can create Outlook tasks, Journal entries, emails to distribution lists etc. from Dynamics AX.

This post is written by Sukrut Parab. Sukrut is a Technical Analyst in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Practice at Ignify . Ignify is a Global Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle Partner specializing in Dynamics AX for Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing and Chemicals verticals. For help on Microsoft Dynamics ERP email us at