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Shape Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM System with Customizable Dashboards

February 12th, 2013 Chelsea Robertson No comments

Every company, and often every employee, works a little bit differently. These differences are the spice of life- they add variety and diverse perspectives to our lives, and our companies. They also mean that every employee’s needs are a little bit different, and this is true in their use of customer relationship management (CRM) software as well.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, different dashboards are available for different roles within the company. For example, an executive could view a dashboard that offers an overview of the company as a whole- including information on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. A Sales representative, on the other hand, can view a dashboard that displays just the leads, accounts and activities that they are responsible for.

This does not, however, entirely address the needs of each employee. For many the system charts won’t show information in quite the best way for them. Some people are able to better and more quickly understand data displayed in a visual format- such as a chart or a graph, while others prefer to see the data in a raw list format that can then be sorted and filtered as needed. Both of these options (and many others) are available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Even better- any user can edit their own dashboards to display as they prefer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows employees to configure dashboard data according to the visual display of their preference

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows employees to configure dashboard data according to the visual display of their preference.

It’s easy to do and won’t require IT assistance. Once you select the basic format you prefer, then you are able to simply select which charts and/or lists you want displayed. Even more “Complicated” customizations are made easy in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By utilizing Microsoft’s user friendly, and user familiar, interfaces and menu structures, many things are intuitive.

An adaptive CRM system is a successful CRM system. Being able to see the data in the format that makes each employee most efficient delivers benefits for the entire company.

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