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CRM for Retail: What is It, and Why is It Needed?

September 2nd, 2015 Chelsea Cole No comments

Two of the biggest factors currently facing retailers in their pursuit of customer satisfaction are maintaining a consistent and reliable presence through every channel of shopping and making sure the customer has a personalized experience. Retailers are looking for technology that can allow them real time, in-store interactions that will customize a specific customer’s overall shopping experience.

CRM Across Channels – from Online to In-Store

It should come as no surprise that one of the easiest ways to personally learn about a shopper’s history and preferences comes from online shopping. Online records can show previous transactions of a particular shopper in order to offer new recommendations based on that customer’s history. But in-store shopping isn’t going away any time soon either – people enjoy being able to get an up-close look and feel of products before they buy. What retailers need is technology that consolidates customer insights from these different channels, so that the retailer can then provide a more personalized, unique shopping experience for those customers. But the different modes of shopping that the modern day consumer has to choose from can often times leave a fragmented view of the customer. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, however, offers the modern retailer the ability to give customers a seamless shopping experience through multiples channels.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail.

Figure 1. Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for retail. Helps retailers support an omni-channel system based on an easy to use structure leading to better customer service and personalization.

CRM for Loyalty

Ignify’s CRM for Loyalty solution can also increase the lifetime value of the existing customer. CRM Loyalty helps retailers implement a loyalty program that fosters better relationships with existing customers and motivates them to make repeat purchases by rewarding them with points. More importantly, the loyalty program provides retailers the ability to track individual customer sales, thereby gaining valuable customer insights on their tastes and preferences. The CRM for Loyalty program focuses on customer tier management, promotion setup, award and redemptions, reports and analytics, as well as improving interfaces such as POS systems, web services, and mobile apps. This CRM solution can lead to improved customer service and reliability and help employees find all customer related information at their fingertips in one system. It also provides a case management system with an integrated knowledge base that will lead to better quality service.

CRM for Loyalty Interface.

CRM for Loyalty interface. Increase profitability by identifying and retaining valuable customers while tracking performance measurement and sales by channel.

Improve in-store employee to customer clienteling.

Figure 3. Improve in-store employee to customer clienteling with information easily available and editable on tablet devices.

Making Customers the Focal Point

It is crucial for retailers to make the customer the focal point of their business strategy, and using the right technology will help them give their customers better shopping experiences. Ignify’s CRM programs can help retailers achieve this goal. If you would like more information on Ignify’s retail solutions, please email

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