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World Vision featured on Stage at Microsoft Convergence for Dynamics AX success

March 19th, 2012 Sandeep Walia No comments

World Vision, the global humanitarian aid organization, was on stage today at the General Session at Microsoft Convergence at the George Brown Convention center in Houston, TX.

World Vision is a relief, development and advocacy organization that serves about 100 million people in nearly 100 countries worldwide and is dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to fight poverty and injustice. But despite wishing to serve every person who needs their services was unable to follow through on their goal due to an inefficient, error-prone supply chain management (SCM) system.

Sharon Boyle Director of Supply Chain at World Vision on the impact Dynamics AX had created in improving supply chain for donations and managing operations and ultimately improving lives.

Sharon Boyle, Director Supply Chain at World Vision, talked about how World Vision uses the Dynamics AX system to optimize the organization’s operations, and how this solution enables World Vision to keep doing their good work in a quicker, more efficient, and more transparent way.

Sharon recognized her team in Mongolia, Senegal where Dynamics AX has been deployed. Sharon also recognized Ignify's ability to deliver the solution cost-effectively with strong leadership.

But even though World Vision’s management and organization of supply requests with the adaptable applications of Microsoft Dynamics AX is in itself noteworthy, what is even more remarkable about their use of Microsoft Dynamics AX is that it is operating in places where even the most basic amenities – electricity, clean drinking water, etc. – are hard to come by. In places with severe limitations such that they cannot even get cell phone service, Microsoft Dynamics AX allows the World Vision team to continue running their supply chain smoothly, efficiently, and with total visibility, even when they are placed in the remotest reaches of the globe.

This was a very proud moment for all of us at Ignify to see our work create such a profound impact in the lives of thousands of people across the world.

Sandeep Walia is CEO of Ignify. Ignify is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to mid-market and Enterprise businesses. Ignify has been ranked as Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner in 2011 and 2010 and in the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, Microsoft Dynamics Presidents Club in 2009. Ignify has offices and team members in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, Tennessee, Illinois, Washington, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines.

Optimizing your Supply Chain and Warehousing with Microsoft Dynamics AX

April 19th, 2011 Eric Shuss No comments

Last week Ignify had presented a paper at the Dynamics Academic Alliance proceeding in the Microsoft Convergence conference. This blog is a summary of the paper. Microsoft Dynamics AX presents the most powerful ERP product as validated by Gartner and other analyst firms. It provides enterprise coverage for the business but especially shines in optimization of supply chain, MRP, warehousing, and inventory management.

The traditional model of produce/ buy, stock and sell has been turned on its head. Just because you are able to make enough of an item and stock it – it doesn’t mean you are going to be able to sell it. The supply chain has to be very nimble and responsive to the shifting demand patterns. Demand is not only different by items, assortments and item categories but also can be very different by channel, geography and customer type. For example one of our customers sells to big box retailers with EDI orders as the sales channel, sells direct to consumer through its ecommerce sites and then to academia through a network of sales professionals and inside customer service team members. The big box retailers hit their peak in September and October when they stock up for the holiday season while the ecommerce site hit its peak in November and December and the schools typically buy in June and July before the schools open. While there is overlap in what each customer buyer segment buys there are differences too. So the customer has the challenge of aggregating the demand across all the different channels and customer types and combining into an overall business demand forecast and ensuring the supply chain stays in tune with the demand pattern as there are always changes due to a multitude of factors.

The Traditional Linear Supply Chain is becoming more Demand Driven. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides native functionality for a demand driven supply chain with MRP, Production planning, Purchase Planning and Vendor Portals

Figure. The Traditional Linear Supply Chain is becoming more Demand Driven. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides native functionality for a demand driven supply chain with MRP, Production planning, Purchase Planning and Vendor Portals

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers rich functionality for helping Improve Customer Service, Lower Inventory Carrying Costs, and Increase Visibility through the supply chain.:

  1. Powerful MRP and Master Planning functionality: Dynamics AX has the ability to take in a sale or demand forecast (or multiple forecasts for different geographies, customer groups, item groups/ item categories) and automatically create recommended purchase orders with purchases dates and recommended production orders for manufacturers. Master Planning automates purchasing and production planning.
  2. Safety Stock Recommendation: A tool that automatically recommends safety stock for items based on past sales order volume and desired fill rate.
  3. Vendor Portal: For vendors to be able to login and see their purchase orders and if you desire also your inventory so you can move to a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) model.
  4. Supplier collaboration tools: A services oriented architecture with the Application Integration Framework (AIF) that makes integrating with suppliers and customers straight-forward with the use of web services.
  5. Operational dashboards and Native BI: While most systems provide management dashboards – Dynamics AX provides operational dashboards and role centers that improve insight at the guts of the organization. For example out of the box role centers exist for Warehouse Managers, Accounts Payable Clerk, Controller in addition to the Executive dashboards for a CEO, CFO and other CxO roles. This helps ensure that users at all levels are empowered with the correct information to make intelligent and informed decisions. Most importantly Dynamics AX can be a single integrated system that captures all important data and provides a single version of truth for users across the organization.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides information at all levels in the organization with operational, tactical and executive dashboards thus allowing for informed decision making across the organization

Figure. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides information at all levels in the organization with operational, tactical and executive dashboards thus allowing for informed decision making across the organization.

As an example, Ellison had seen a significant shift in its business model from a manufacturing company to a distribution business. It had also morphed from a single channel to a multi-channel business. It also needed to optimize its supply chain to be able to more tightly integrate its supply with its demand and reduce on-hand inventory with automated planned purchasing. Ellison implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 that helped it

  1. Automate the warehouse with RF using native Dynamics AX integration though AIF to the RF hardware. Dynamics AX provided the ability to do directed pick and directed put-away using the location control in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  2. Used Master planning to automate the purchasing process and reduce inventory carrying costs.
  3. Integrate natively to customers to receive orders via EDI and process ASNs thus increasing visibility to demand and lowering order processing costs

Ram Kanagala, Director – IT at Ellison susms this up well "This project is a showcase example of a client-partner relationship at the highest quality, delivering the project on time and on budget, with improved business processes and seamless information flow across systems, resulting in operational cost efficiencies and improved sales forecasts." If you need more information on optimizing your supply chain email us at

Eric Shuss is the President of the ERP Division of Ignify. Ignify is a technology provider of ERP, POS , CRM , and eCommerce software solutions to mid-market and enterprise businesses and public sector organizations. Ignify is a Top-tier Microsoft Gold Certified partner ranked in the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Retail in 2010 and both the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and the Microsoft Dynamics Presidents Club in 2009. Ignify has been included as the fastest growing business in North America for 4 years in a row by Deloitte, Inc Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Ignify has employees in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Phoenix, Nashville, Chicago, Toronto, Manila, Pune and Bangalore.

World Vision Selects Dynamics ERP for eProcurement and Global Supply chain Management

October 7th, 2009 Sandeep Walia No comments

The World Vision International (WVI) organization includes 40,000 staff members (including part time, temporary staff, and employees) whose mission is to provide healthcare, education, clean water, emergency food, tools, shelter and technical know-how to millions of the world’s poorest inhabitants.

In 2008 WVI had a budget of $2.6b and served 100m people in 98 countries. Over 3.6 million children benefited from sponsorship, and over 998,000 Orphans & vulnerable children received care and support. The WVI organization consists of a number of Support Offices who manage the funding to over 100 National Offices (NO’s) located around the world. In many countries the NO’s are supported by Local Offices who are supported by the Area Development Programs (ADP) where the majority of the project directives are executed. WVI realized, with over 500,000 Purchase Orders processed worldwide, that a common Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) system would provide significant benefit. A formal process and evaluation began in May, 2009 to identify Vendors to support an initial pilot project at the Mongolia facility. Budget constraints created an extremely abbreviated, although comprehensive, evaluation by four (4) different solutions. Included were Helios (incumbent in Africa), Spend Map (incumbent at Corporate), Purchase Tracker, and Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Ignify – a Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle Partner was contacted and conducted a thorough discovery of the GSCM requirements, conducted a series of functional and technical discussions, 3 rounds of demonstrations, provided customer references and was selected for the pilot for Mongolia.

Subject to a successful pilot at Mongolia, WVI has targeted Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and Ignify, to support additional locations to create a centralized system for Global Procurement. Kenya, Ethiopia, Haiti, Bolivia, and at least 1/2 dozen additional NO’s have been identified as future sites throughout 2009-2011. The pilot in Mongolia is for approximately 50 users. The final count of the roll out is estimated to be  500+ users depending on the amount of national offices that sign up for the system.