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Is Your Restaurant POS Helping or Hindering Customer Service?

March 30th, 2016 Ashley Harbaugh No comments

The customer experience is a crucial differentiator for restaurants. If food and price are similar to other restaurants, what other factor will make a customer choose that particular business? Service that is attentive and accommodating makes patrons feel valued, and motivates them to return again (as well as spread the word to family and friends).

The restaurant point of sale (POS) is a vital part of restaurants’ service efforts as it is the primary communication channel between the front-of-house, customer, and kitchen. If the POS is slow and inaccurate, it can lead to wrong orders and delayed meal deliveries – issues that make angry, unsatisfied patrons.

A state-of-the-art POS system enables restaurants to get tighter control of front-end and back-end processes, and provide the quick, efficient service that patrons expect. The Food and Beverage POS for Restaurants solution is a modern, flexible point of sale system that enables restaurant managers to easily track food creation and delivery processes – resulting in outstanding customer service. See how well your POS matches up to the three service features below in comparison to the Food and Beverage POS.

Mobile Functionality

With consumer smartphones and tablets making people comfortable with mobile device technology, restaurants are increasingly capitalizing on this trend.

For instance, self-service order kiosks are on the rise for quick-service restaurants, where customers can type in their order, along with any order customizations, directly onto the POS. Casual dining restaurants are also providing tablets at customers’ tables, where customers key in their order after being seated, and wait staff deliver their orders. Waiters are also now being equipped with tablet devices to take orders instead of the traditional paper and pencil.

The Food and Beverage POS for Restaurants is fully mobile-optimized, allowing restaurants to take orders from smartphones, tablets, or traditional PCs. With the system’s easy configurability, restaurant managers can set up the appropriate permissions for employees so that employees only see the POS buttons that are relevant to their job functions – making processes more secure, and staff more productive.

Food and Beverage POS enables access to the point of sale from any mobile device and PCs.

The Food and Beverage POS enables restaurants to access the point of sale from any mobile device, as well as traditional PCs.

Customer Seating

Making customer seating smooth and speedy, and wait staff rotations fluid (even during the busiest times) are key elements of the customer dining experience. The Food and Beverage POS solution enables restaurants to minimize seating time, and ensure the right wait staff are assisting the right tables. Restaurant managers can set up table layouts in the system, and assign layouts to particular locations. The system’s real-time updates also show which tables are occupied or available at all times.

Food and Beverage POS has the ability to configure table layouts and to see which tables are open or occupied.

The Food and Beverage POS makes seating a breeze with the ability to configure table layouts, and to see at-a-glance which tables are open or occupied.

Food Quality

The most negative experience a customer can have at a restaurant is if the food isn’t good. Nothing will turn off a customer faster than if a beloved item on the menu didn’t turn out the same as the last time, or if a meal doesn’t taste right.

The Food and Beverage POS ensures each stage of food preparation is completed precisely and in a timely manner. Restaurant managers can enter recipes detailing exact ingredients, quantities, and steps needed for cooking into the system for employee reference, preventing any deviations in the meal’s taste or presentation. Setting up work stations in the POS (e.g. cutting station, baking station, etc.) also help keep kitchen staff organized and focused on the tasks at-hand.

Step-by-step recipe and cooking guides stored in the Food and Beverage POS.

Step-by-step recipe and cooking guides stored in the Food and Beverage POS steer kitchen staff toward making each meal consistent and delicious.

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