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How To: Simplify Recruitment with Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics AX

January 29th, 2016 Brianne Schaer No comments

Whether due to company growth or out of necessity to replace a prior employee, hiring can be a dizzying process to get through. Let Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics AX navigate you through the time consuming act of reviewing resumes, from matching skills and experience to tracking the status of each applicant. Your recruitment team will thank you for the amount of time saved and lower volume of manual activities once they have Microsoft Dynamics AX’s unique databases and tracking capabilities at their fingertips.

Get the Ball Rolling: Create and Start a Recruitment Project

A recruitment project in Microsoft Dynamics AX enables your team to better manage the recruitment process. By setting up a recruitment project, important information such as the job position and department, the name of the recruiter, and the status of the project are easily accessible and stored in one convenient location.

Anything related to the project or job can be tracked in the recruitment project, and the information can be added to the enterprise portal or other outlets.

To create a recruitment project:

Step 1: Click Human Resources > Common > Recruitment > Recruitment Projects

Step 2: Click New > Recruitment Project

Recruitment window

Step 3: Fill out the form, including the name and description of the project, the department in which it is located, the number of job openings available, and the hiring manager. Define the period during which the recruitment project is active by entering the start date and end date in the open and close date fields.

Recruitment Form

Step 4: Click on Media to add information on where the job will be posted.

Media Details

Step 5: Click Job ads to create the ad to be displayed in enterprise portal.

Job Ads

Step 6: Click Start under Recruitment project status to initiate the recruitment project.

Recruitment Project Status

Information at a Glance: View Application Status and Manage Applications

Keep track of all applicant information within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Information such as interview dates and times, references, competencies, accommodation requests, and personal information can all be stored and easily accessed in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Once an applicant is offered employment, switching his or her status is as simple as one click. By changing the status of an applicant to employed, all of the information will be associated with a new worker record, which reduces data entry and saves time.

To create an application:

Step 1: Click Human Resources > Common > Recruitment > Applications

Step 2: Click Application to create a new application.

Application Window

Step 3: Fill in all necessary fields. Anyone who views the application will have a detailed understanding of who the applicant is, how they found the position, upcoming interviews, and contact information.

Application Window Details

To add competencies:

Step 1: View the current list of applicants by clicking Human Resources > Common > Recruitment > Applicants

Step 2: Select the desired applicant and click on the competency to enter. You can add skills, professional experience, education, tests, certificates and more to better complete the applicant’s profile.

Adding Competencies

To schedule interviews:

Step 1: Click Human Resources > Common > Recruitment > Applications

Step 2: Select the desired candidate and click Applicant interviews. Add new lines in the form or schedule through Microsoft Outlook.

Interview Schedule

Step 3: Enter the date of the interview, start and end time, the person in charge of the interview, location and the status. Note that the interviewer may change the status to completed or canceled.

Track where an applicant is in the recruitment process:

Once your team evaluates the candidate, change the application status to either confirmed (which can send a notice to the applicant to confirm receipt of application), interview (which can send an invitation to interview the applicant), rejection (which can send a rejection letter to the applicant), or canceled (which can send a withdrawal confirmation to the candidate) based on the course of action desired for the candidate’s application process.

Tracking applicant's recruitment progress

Promote from Within: Use Skill Mapping and Gap Analysis to find Current Employees Better Suited for a New Position

Sometimes there is no need to look any further than existing employees to find a perfect fit for an open positon. These resources must not be overlooked, and with Microsoft Dynamics AX you can us a skill gap analysis to compare a person’s skill profile with a profile for a particular job. This allows you to compare a person’s actual skills with target skills. Likewise, you can compare an applicant’s skills to those needed for the job he or she applied for. This comparison identifies strengths and weaknesses in applicants as well as who is the best match for a particular position.

Step 1: Click Human Resources > Inquiries > Skill Analysis > Skill gap analysis job – person

Step 2: Select the worker you are interested in comparing skills, the date, and the job to run the analysis for.

Skill Gap Analysis

Note: by checking the Jobs related to reference box, only jobs that the person is or has been affiliated with will populate the jobs list.

Checking the Jobs Related Reference Box

Found the Best Match? Hire an Applicant

Once your team has evaluated all applicants and determined a fit for the position, it’s time to wrap up the process and hire your top applicant.

To hire someone:

Step 1: Click Human Resources > Common > Recruitment > Applications

Step 2: Select the applicant for hire. Click Hire under application status. Select the Employment start date and click Continue to hire the applicant.

Final stage on hiring the candidate

This is just an introduction to the functionality available within the Human Resources module in Microsoft Dynamics AX. For more information, please email

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