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Personalization Isn’t Just for B2C: Enhancing the B2B eCommerce Customer Shopping Experience

April 6th, 2014 Brianne Schaer No comments

Although business-to-business customers are a different segment than business-to-consumer customers, B2B shoppers want the same type of shopping experience that B2C shoppers want: convenience and ease of use.

We’ve discussed the importance of personalizing the online store shopping experience before, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to optimize your B2B website; in fact, you can take a look into what works for B2C and adjust those qualities to create a beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate B2B channel.

Dramatically enhance your B2B eCommerce platform by implementing a few features sure to create a loyal following of repeat customers.

Personalizing the User Experience

Nobody likes attempting to navigate a poorly-built website in which product information is shrouded in mystery, hiding behind inconsistent tabs or categories.
Among the key elements of running a better B2B site is improving the user experience. From making navigation easier to tailoring content to each individual’s needs, no venture is too small to make an impact on today’s B2B customer. These busy shoppers are looking for personalization, better search capabilities, and strong content management to convince them to spend their dollars on your products.

There are a number of options within Ignify eCommerce to personalize your web channel both from the back-end and the storefront.

Let us first take a look into the functionality of the storefront. As soon as a customer logs in to their account, a reminder alert will pop up if there were any items sitting in the shopping cart from the last session. This will save your customers time searching for previously-viewed items while encouraging them to commit to purchasing these items.

Ignify eCommerce reminds B2B customers at sign-in of items stored in the shopping cart during previous visits

Ignify eCommerce reminds B2B customers at sign-in of items stored in the shopping cart during previous visits.

Because each customer, or company, has unique login information, Ignify eCommerce allows you to tailor which products show up in category searches, and at what price they are listed. In the example image below, one particular customer will view various bike cranks when clicking the “components” tab under “bike.” However, a different customer may view pedals, or handlebars, for example. Depending on which industry or specific needs a customer has, the site will adapt to showcase only relevant products.

category tabs

Each customer has a custom view of which items show up under category tabs. This customer views bike cranks, but different customers would see what is relevant to their needs.

The customer dashboard is streamlined in its ability to provide customers with a breakdown of order history, past sales quotes with negotiated pricing, view outstanding balance versus credit limit, and update email preferences including subscription to newsletters. It is also as easy as a click of the mouse to copy a past order into a new order, saving time for order entry. With time-saving capabilities in mind, the customer dashboard fully serves its purpose in making shopping easy and quick for B2B consumers.

purchase history

Customers can view their past purchase history and reorder the same items instantly.

Pricing can also be set for various B2B customers by custom level, or item category discounts. Customers can be segmented in to Diamond, Gold, or Silver levels to reap benefits for their continued business. These benefits vary from item, or item category, discounts to customer-based pricing, and can be controlled in the manager panel.

Another important feature to tailor the site to each customer is to segment customers by customer class. Customers can be segmented into classes such as: corporate, reseller, retail, or government. Based on each class, various payment methods can be set up, or tax can be charged or waived, and different shipping methods can be made available. For each of these variations, defaults can also be set up depending on customer class.

customer class details

The “customer class details” in the manager panel provides an easy-to-read chart that highlights pricing, discounts, invoices, and currency accepted based on each customer’s class.

The more personalized and user-friendly a B2B eCommerce site is, the more likely your customers are to maximize its functionality. Don’t let your customers waste their precious time trying to find an item. With a well-tailored website, your customers will feel comfortable finding key inventory items, purchasing in bulk, and returning for more.

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Brianne Schaer is an Assistant Copywriter at Ignify. Ignify is a technology provider of CRM, eCommerce, ERP, and Point of Sale software solutions to organizations. Ignify has won the worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in 2013, 2012 and 2011. Ignify has been included as the fastest growing businesses in North America for seven years in a row by Deloitte, Inc Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine from 2007 to 2013.