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Inbound and Outbound Shipping Processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

August 7th, 2014 Ashley Harbaugh No comments

A company’s inbound and outbound shipping processes are crucial points in the supply chain management process.

Without accurate and timely inbound shipping, a company cannot receive the parts and materials needed for customer orders, and thus cannot effectively fulfill those orders – which lead to unhappy customers.

Similarly, without accurate outbound shipping, a company cannot deliver the parts and materials that a customer orders in a timely manner, and thus cannot effectively fulfill those orders – which again lead to unhappy customers. 

With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, companies are able to track inbound and outbound logistics from the beginning to the end of the cycle, ensuring that goods and materials flow efficiently in and out, with companies able to track the progression of each step in the process.

Inbound Shipping

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, companies are able to get an arrivals overview and view all inbound shipments, including purchase orders, warehouse transfers and customer returns.

Inbound Shipping with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics allows you to see all the purchase orders set for arrival.

Inbound Shipping with Microsoft Dynamics AX

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, companies are able to start the arrivals process per line on a PO, helping to keep arrivals visible and shipping arrival tracking accurate. 

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, a company can easily start the arrival process on items that come into the warehouse, and can see all the lines within a PO that is set to arrive. With this procedure, companies gain more insight into the inbound merchandise that arrives, and can store it accordingly.

A company can start an arrival on a PO, and they can also auto-create arrival lines based on pallet capacity. The system can also perform directed put away; in other words, you are able to make the system auto-select pallets and recommended locations according to specific parameters – for example, if certain items should be received and stored in a refrigerated part of the warehouse, etc. 

After transport from the inbound dock to the destination (whether it was done through bulk or picking), a warehouse user can log into Microsoft Dynamics AX to verify that the PO has been received and the inventory updated.

Outbound Shipping

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, shipping templates allow for quick and easy new shipment creation – which means faster conversion from order to fulfillment, and thus greater customer satisfaction. Shipping templates can be automatically created, or Wizard-driven, or even created manually. For example, shipments can be defined by:

  • A mode of transportation (if certain items should be transported by truck, etc.). 
  • Time and location (e.g., all US shipments should be shipped out in the morning).
  • The materials being shipped (e.g., hazardous materials only shipped at certain times or by certain modes of transportation).
  • Customer addresses (grouping orders to customers in the same city, state or zip code).
  • When a shipment can be filled (based on availability of the order lines). 

After the shipment is created in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can group orders by customer (such as if you have multiple orders from the same customer that will be shipped out), and can transport orders from picking location to the outbound dock.

After shipment is staged for loading and sent, Microsoft Dynamics AX can then create the bill of lading as well as the packing slip.

Outbound Shipping with Microsoft Dynamics AX

When transporting orders from the picking location to the outbound dock, you have control and visibility over all aspects of the transportation process, including the ability to assign a specific forklift to move the order.

After the shipment is sent out, you can then verify on the sales order if the order was delivered to the customer.

Outbound Shipping with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides full transparency into the order shipment process, from the first stages to the end delivery.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a powerful warehouse management system that helps you receive and deliver products with pinpoint accuracy. For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics AX can improve your warehouse operations, please email us at

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