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Loyalty Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

February 3rd, 2014 Chelsea Robertson No comments

Today’s consumers expect to be incentivized to choose your merchandise over that of your numerous competitors, and loyalty programs are one of the best ways to do that. Ignify’s Loyalty Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you meet the changing demands of your customers.  

By ‘gamifying’ the shopping process, you give your customers additional reasons to buy. For example, a few reasons why a customer may choose to shop with you as a result of loyalty management could be:

  • The ability to redeem points earned from loyalty programs toward purchases.
  • Enabling loyalty program members to receive rewards of discounts or free items.
  • The ability to reach the next loyalty threshold.
  • Taking advantage of special rewards program promotions (i.e., double points given on a customer’s birthday, etc.). 
  • Keeping rewards points from expiring so that a customer can redeem them at whatever time they choose.

By combining a loyalty management solution with Microsoft Dynamic CRM’s powerful reporting engine, you can view useful reports and analyze your loyalty programs effectiveness.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s dashboard functionality provides an array of important reports right at a user’s fingertips, providing powerful insight into loyalty program performance

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s dashboard functionality provides an array of important reports right at a user’s fingertips, providing powerful insight into loyalty program performance.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one of the primary benefits is a full view of customer data. By managing your loyalty program with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well, you can also view all of that information- right on the client’s contact record!

The Loyalty Management Solution allows businesses to better understand their customers and strengthen the customer relationship. The solution is tailored for businesses across industries, giving organizations the ability to make their loyalty programs part of their entire marketing strategy, focus and build relationships with their customer base, and provide opportunities and outlets for brand advocacy.

The Loyalty Program provides functionality that will help marketers manage data and turn into useful marketing analytics and create help them develop broad programs that will make customers feel more connected, enthusiastic, and dedicated to their products and services.

Customer Profile Analytics and Reports

  • Track average order size by award tier
  • Track average spend by award tier
  • Advanced customer profile – category/item preferences for tailored marketing activities

Customer Award Management

  • Setup of award rules
  • Set up points per dollar spent
  • Set up points per dollar per item
  • Manage Award Tiers
  • Manage points per dollar by Award Tier

Award Management Rules for Customer Rewards

  • Automatically award points with every sale/transaction from various channels including web, POS, In-store, Phone orders
  • Record redemptions and automatically update point balance

Promotions Management

  • Define promotions for the loyalty program
  • Define ranges for dollar spending limits, quantities, start and end dates.
  • Define channels (web, store, catalog, etc.) that will participate in promotion
  • Define discount rules and how they will be applied
  • Apply discounts to orders

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Chelsea Robertson is a Sales Coordinator and CRM Pre-Sales Specialist at Ignify. Ignify is a technology provider of CRMeCommerce and ERP, and Point of Sale software solutions to organizations. Ignify has won the worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in 2013, 2012 and 2011. Ignify has been included as the fastest growing business in North America for 7 years in a row by Deloitte, Inc Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine from 2007 to 2013.