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Simplifying Ignify eCommerce Web Store Installations with Microsoft Web Deploy

November 17th, 2014 Manasi Kulkarni No comments

For merchants using on premise Ignify eCommerce, installing the Web Store application and the Manager Panel (the interface from which they manage their web stores) in a secure and hassle-free manner is facilitated using the Microsoft Web Deploy tool.

Using this tool, the application packages are securely and seamlessly transferred to the merchant’s IIS web server, after which the installation is activated. To import the application packages using Microsoft Web Deploy, the merchant first creates a website for the Manager Panel. The installation process is illustrated in the diagram below.

Ignify eCommerce Web Store application and Manager Panel

The installation process for the Ignify eCommerce Web Store application and Manager Panel.

Some benefits of using Microsoft Web Deploy:

  1. When compared to other technologies such as FTP, Microsoft Web Deploy imports the application packages faster to the merchant’s servers.
  2. The application package is transferred over HTTPS, making it a highly secure transfer.
  3. The automated process reduces chances of error during manual deployment and also speeds up the import and deployment process. It default compresses files, making deployments faster.
  4. Automated deployments using Microsoft Web Deploy can be enabled even across web farms, allowing you to import the application to multiple machines within a web farm if required.   
  5. Administrative privileges are not required to deploy the web application, and server administrators can delegate tasks to non-administrators as well. 
  6. Configuration values can be parameterized during deployment without requiring modifications to the packages themselves.
  7. Microsoft Web Deploy supports publishing databases. When getting started with the Manager Panel and the Web Store, the security and organization databases are required to be installed for proper functioning of the Manager Panel and Web Store.

After the application packages are securely in place on the merchant server, the process directs the merchant to a step-by-step guide to install the Manager Panel and create sample data that can be used to get an end-to-end experience of how the Manager Panel works. Various essential setups have to be in place, and the getting started user interface ensures that you do not miss out on any of them. It is possible to revisit the setup screen and verify the setups at a later stage as well. The merchant can create real-time data after completely removing the sample data.

Once the Manager Panel installation is complete, the getting started process guides the merchant through the installation of the Web Store including the various essential setups required to get your web store up and running. The first step in this process is to download the Web Store application package via the Manager Panel. Once the Web Store package is successfully downloaded, the merchant needs to create a website in the IIS for the Web Store. Using Web Deploy 3.5, the merchant would be able to import the Web Store application package and start the deployment wizard for the Web Store installation.

To learn more about on premise installations using Microsoft Web Deploy, please refer to the slide deck here.

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