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Parature Raises the Standard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Care

May 6th, 2014 Brianne Schaer No comments

Parature Raises the Standard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Care

Even before Microsoft acquired Parature, the two companies were operating under a shared vision: working to deliver the highest level of customer care and satisfaction.

With Parature, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is even more equipped to handle a variety of customer needs both effortlessly and uniformly, drawing from Parature’s vast databases and integration features.

Parature’s support portals allow companies to deliver service in an efficient and relevant way, working through multiple channels, like chat and email, to give customers the choice of helping themselves or seeking help when necessary. Strong social capabilities and “commonly asked questions” databases also contribute to the ease of solving customer queries.

The following Parature features provide “Care Everywhere” in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:  

Multi-Channel Service

Customers demand a proactive and seamless experience across channels when submitting questions or queries, and Parature’s database of recommended articles can help drive down service requests by 65 to 85 percent by providing answers on the spot. If the customer’s question can’t be solved in this manner, it may be given a higher priority before it is sent to a representative.

Unified Service Desk 

A typical agent uses 7 to 10 different applications in every customer interaction. With Parature, everything is consolidated into one guided application. Representatives are provided a call script specific to a variety of claim types. Integration with multiple applications and automated interactions make it easy for service representatives to focus on the customer to solve queries as fast as possible.

Enterprise Case Management   

Enhancements have been made across the board, including Service Level Agreements, thresholds, notifications, and advanced routing and queuing rules to ensure you deliver the best service and meet commitments as an organization. For example, customer queries are monitored as they move through various channels to ensure they are accurately prioritized by the time they reach a customer service representative.

Knowledge Base                                  

In today’s lightning speed world, searches must be fast, in context and responsive. Parature’s knowledge base capabilities ensure the right answer is delivered at the right time across all service channels. This information can be leveraged both internally and by the customer and includes traditional text, images, videos, and real-time blogs and feeds to ensure content is always consistent and up-to-date.

Social Service                                   

As more people are trusting social media reviews and activity to measure brand effectiveness, Parature has kept up with the changing service landscape to listen and analyze interactions on social channels. Much attention is placed on engaging with social sentiment and to trigger work flow rules to handle various social situations as needed.

All of these features mesh together effortlessly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which ultimately works to provide the best possible experience for the customer. As a customer service representative views a case, the important information about the customer is located in the left pane, and below that the call script.

This allows for easy out-of-the-box implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM at call centers. Customer service agents can drill down into data to find the appropriate answer to the customer’s question. A resolution time can also be included in the case to control response time based on factors such as which channel the question came from.

Additional information, such as platinum credit card benefits, will also appear within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to allow customer service agents to enhance the customer experience by providing perks and information that may have been previously unknown.

Parature Raises the Standard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Care

In this case, originating from Facebook, the customer is inquiring whether the spring forward deal applies to the platinum credit card. A customer service agent is easily able to access Parature’s database of information to find the answer to the question, in the right two panes.

Parature Raises the Standard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Care

This customer called in with a question about replacing a lost credit card. Through an integration with Bing Maps, the representative pulled up the information on the right and sent it directly to the customer.

If you’re interested in taking your customer service to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Parature, please contact to learn more, and a member of our team will contact you.

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