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The Top 6 Things that Undermine Customer Loyalty

October 14th, 2015 Chelsea Cole No comments

The main aspect that any retail business should be concerned with is customers. The goal is to attract new customers and retain the old ones, however customers today have so many choices it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to retaining their loyalty. It is important to keep meaningful relationships with customers across multiple channels that will keep them loyal to your business. Ignify’s Loyalty Management Solution can give you insights into better understanding your customers that will prevent you from making the major mistakes that retailers often make. Because a retail business lives and dies on what their customers think of them, here are the top 6 things that undermine customer loyalty – and how the Loyalty Management Solution prevents them:

1. Focusing on the Wrong Customers

When it comes to marketing strategies and business processes, many companies strive to gain new customers. And while gaining new customers is important and good for business, it is also important not to neglect those customers that already exist. With a loyalty program, you can reward the customers that shop in your store and guarantee their continued patronage. Ignify’s Loyalty Management Solution enables businesses to offer different types of incentives in their loyalty programs, such as a points based program where customers earn rewards for money spent, or frequency of transactions. You can also offer special deals only for loyalty customers like BOGOs or discounts on birthdays. These personalized offers help create better relationships with existing customers and motivate them to make repeat purchases.

Key Functionalities Offered.

Figure 1: The key functionalities offered by Ignify’s Loyalty Management Solution.

2. Not Paying Attention to the Individual

Another way to give customers an experience guaranteed to please is by making it tailored specifically for them. The best way to show a customer that their loyalty is important is by having access to a 360- degree view of the customer so that you can be in tune with their individual needs. A fully rounded view can provide a next level in-store experience that shows you care about them as individuals. Ignify’s Loyalty Management Solution provides easy access to customer’s past purchase history, their profile and product preferences, their specific wish lists created online, and the specific products they might have browsed online. This information helps equip store associates for giving customers an unmatched, attentive shopping experience that will strengthen long-term loyalty.

3. Leaving Employees Out

Although customers are the main focus of a successful business, it is crucial to remember what makes a customer’s interaction with the business work: the employee. A company cannot prosper unless the employees are competent and happy. The quickest way to cultivate a disgruntled employee atmosphere is by making them work with out of date, complicated system software that they do not understand. Negligent employees will only lead to bad customer service and unhappy customers. Offer your employees an easy to use, helpful system that will allow them to convey the best possible customer service experience. The Loyalty Management Solution provides a full view of the customer and the tools employees need to leverage that view. Putting this type of knowledge and the right tools into your employee’s hands will inspire them to provide that best customer care possible. They will work better if they understand how to use an easy solution that exists in order to help them be the best that they can be.

Easy Access Using Tablet Devices.

Figure 2: Tablet devices allow Employee's easy access to customer information.

4. Incongruent Channels

What’s better than giving customers one channel to access your company? Giving them multiple channels. As customers’ tastes and preferences change they often want to seek out interactions across a multi-channel platform. While a multi-channel system is great for business it is even more important that all these channels are connected and in sync with one another. Disparate systems for each channel create a fragmented view of the customer. A CRM system helps consolidate all customer information and records. This way, if a customer that typically shops online decides to come into the store, representatives can still access their records and transaction history. A unified loyalty program that merges all channels will make sure that customers are receiving the best service and will help retailers have easily accessible customer information for any scenario.

Key Customer Service Functionalities.

Figure 3: Key customer service functionalities include case management, automated service process, and dialogs.

5. Inconsistent Communication with Customers

The best way to keep customers coming back is by making sure you are keeping up constant communication. If your business is on their mind, it will be the first place they look to when shopping. Ignify’s Loyalty Management Solution keeps a database with customer information and contact info so that you can give special treatment to loyal customers such as birthday greetings, reminders on sales, access to downloading apps, or special offers and deals. With this system, employees and representative have customer related information at their fingertips. It also provides a case management system with integrated knowledge base, call guides, escalation functionality, and more features that will provide better quality service and will allow you to keep in touch with those customers that are most loyal to your brand.

Create App to Track Customer Rewards.

Figure 4: Create an app for customers to track their rewards.

6. Fear of Advancement

All of the ways in which customer loyalty can potentially become undermined can be improved by talking one simple step, which is investing in your business by investing in technology. By simply implementing a loyalty solution you can improve customer service and loyalty be leaps and bounds. Even though this seems like a no brainer, many retailers can be hesitant about systems they don’t understand. Don’t let yourself fall behind and lose customers to your competitors. The Loyalty Management Solution is simple and helpful while resembling the Microsoft products you are already used to. The benefits of a loyalty system, and thus this particular solution, far outweigh the small effort it takes to implement this new solution.

Customer Profile Analytics and Reports.

Figure 5: See costumer profile analytics and reports.

Ignify’s Loyalty Management Solution strengthens relationships with customers, reduces total cost, and make disparate systems and channels come together as a well-oiled machine. For more information, please email us at

Chelsea Cole is a Proposal Writer at Ignify. Ignify is Worldwide Microsoft Partner in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010, and offers eCommerce, ERP, CRM, Order Management and POS solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics line of products. Ignify has been included as the fastest growing businesses in North America for seven years in a row by Inc. Magazine and Deloitte in the FAST 500 from 2008 to 2013.