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Dynamics AX Tips and Tricks from past implementations – I

November 23rd, 2009 Khushhal Garg 3 comments

We recently started Dyanmics AX community discussion meetings to internally talk about projects – what worked,  what didn't to share our learnings and strengthen our practice. On Nov 21, 2009, we held our first DAX community meeting in Los Angeles. The idea of this meeting is to contribute new learning, knowledge sharing, sharing solution designs towards DAX community.  We took one project which went live last month and discussed the implementation cycle.


We discussed major features of this project like Warehouse Management, Auction Upload, Bidding, Inventory Reservation, Order Creation, Picking, Shipping, Invoicing, Returns, Order Cancellation, Refunds, Coupon Management. This involves integration of Dynamics AX with front end. Front end is implemented in Java and integration is done using .net business connector.


We also discussed what gotchas we faced during this project implementation and what pain points business was having. Initially, we faced integration problem. For example, one of the challenges was around doing integration between Java applications and Dynamics AX?   we created a .net dll that uses the .net business connector to connect to AX and Java in turn is calling this dll.


Before this implementation, the customer was using a legacy system which was implemented in .net and SQL. The in-house system did not provide ERP features and Warehouse Management functionality. For example – the system did not have proper order cancellation and customer refund processes. A significant advantage that the customer got from new implementation is the robust ERP system with a full-fledged warehouse management system, order cancellation and customer refund process. It is so easy now for the users to calculate accurate refund using Dynamics AX standard RMA creation process. We enhanced the standard RMA process a little bit but the basic process is very much standard AX. Claim process is also utilizing RMA functionality. The only difference between RMA and Claim process is that item doesn’t get received back in Claim process. We also customized it to give user facility to adjust sales/refunds.


We also implemented a rule engine which monitors the order while creation and puts the order into Not Reviewed, Suspect, Stopped, Released state based on fraud rules setup.


There is a new requirement to have the customer cash credit feature within AX. The requirement is that customer can refer other customer and customer who referred should get cash credit based on first purchase done by customer whom customer referred. Basically, to have referral reward feature within AX. We discussed design solution to implement this requirement and we come up with 2 design solution. One to use standard free text invoice and second to use standard payment journal feature of AX. Most probably, we will go with payment journal feature.


More to come!


This post is written by Khushhal Garg. Attendees at the Dynamics AX community meeting were Khushhal Garg, Craig Griffith, Ravinder Singh, Gopi Balakrishnan and Satish Panwar. Khushhal Garg is a Dynamics AX technical manager in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Practice at Ignify . Ignify is a Global Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle Partner specializing in Dynamics AX for Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing and Chemicals verticals. For help on Microsoft Dynamics ERP email us at